Monday, September 15, 2008

Ilksville - "Purses" testing

Here's the second one. This one is rougher and much longer. the render here is straight out of Maya, so there's less integration with the chars and the props, etc. But you get the Idea . . .

This is about as long we'd be wiling to go on any one clip. The point is to be fun and quick, not to belabor the process or the story. This one is of our friends Ana and Melissa. Again just a randomly captured snippet of dialogue. We've decided that for the time being, all props and environments will be photos, not drawings, though as I said, they're not quite properly integrated yet in this clip.
At some point we'll work out intros to the clips and package them up a bit. Just starting to talk about that now. Obviously, the whole idea of the thing is evolving a bit as we go. . .

View the larger QT - here

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