Monday, September 15, 2008

Ilksville - the beginning

Last year at a film festival with "The Needful Head", my main collaborator, Richard Bailey, showed me about a dozen pages of drawings he had recently done. They were just rows and rows of funny little people. He was calling them "Ilksville", but had no idea what to do with them. I loved the drawings and after months of fits and starts we've Decided on this concept:
  • 1. Ilksville will be about the town/place called Ilksville(duh), the residents of which are the little people in the drawings.
  • 2. the whole point is to be quick and loose with the project. Never to worry overmuch about what we're doing. We'll do that with other projects. This should be fun and "easy".
  • 3. Rather than worry to much about a plot, we will just periodically record audio of us and our friends while we're hanging out, etc. We'll then take small snippets of that audio and quickly animate Richard's drawings to that clip.
  • 4. Eventually the clips will be collected into a website or some other repository where people can browse through them. We'll wait a bit to see when this will happen.
  • 5. The characters will be consistent throughout, so viewers can get to know them, as they would a real person. No acting or cherrypicking dialogue to create false impressions.
That's about it. We've started with a couple of tests, which I'll post later.

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