Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Animation - noise and BofA animation WIP

I just found this "laying" around my hard drive. Kind of apropos, given the current banking crisis. . . It's from a job at a studio, which I won't name, that never amounted to much (this job, not the studio). I don't think it was ever finished (parts are even still in blocking). I had about a week or so to rig the character, plan, block and animate this little spot (obviously it's not a real render and minus any 2d text, logos, etc). It was proof of concept thingy. The people were nice, but the job wasn't much fun. I'm pretty sure nothing came of it (I spent some time later at Framestore and they did most of the B of A spots I've seen on TV, though I didn't work on them). I'm starting to gather my stuff from the last year to put on a new reel and came across this. There are some problems (the foot slipping at the beginning sucks), but there are bits that were OK, at least in theory.

The reason I remember this so well is that while I was working on this, there was no soundtrack for the spot yet. The studio I was working at played REALLY loud music. I never listen to music while I work, especially while I animate, so that was distracting, but the kicker was they wanted a really specific look to the drumming (don't know if I ever got it, or even if this is the last pass I did). So I was trying to work out the animation to a specific drum beat that didn't exist while listening to BLASTING techno! I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Live and learn. Now I go to studios with headphones, put them on and just listen to nothing. . . .

click here to see a slightly larger QT version - BofA animation QT

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