Monday, September 15, 2008

Ilksville - "Swayze" testing

Here's a small sample of what we're on about. This is the first test I did.

The basic idea is that these videos are just little excerpts from the lives of the residents of Ilksville. This one has me, Rich and our friend Melissa. The sound probably isn't quite loud enough, but this is just the first test. And the whole point is that this is "wild" sound. Just caught while the recorder was running. The animation is also crap, but the whole point is that we should be able to do an entire clip in about a day. I'm rigging the characters in Maya (a 3D program), which I'll explain in another post someday, but aside from that, we're trying to be Breezy about this whole thing and just accumulate interesting tidbits whenever we have the time.
View the large QT version - here

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