Friday, September 19, 2008

Ilksville - "fasting" testing

So here's another one I worked on for 5-6 hours yesterday and today. The sound is a bit low on this one for much of it (I may have to treat it to make it more clear) and it is, once again, about as long as I would want to go, but it's progressing. As always, this is audio of an actual conversation . . .

As I said previously, I'm not trying to make these any good from an animation POV, just sort of fun little things to watch. But one thing I'm finding interesting is that these require attention to a sort of secondary animation principle that I usually don't worry about too much. Because these are so static and there is so much reliance on the eyes and mouths, I find that it's really important to make sure that I'm at least doing a little to direct the viewer's eye to where it needs to be. I have to be really careful not to put extraneous motion away from the center of action. Subtle things seem to work OK to give some texture, but big movements will pull the eye all the way across the scene and make it harder to watch. Obviously, this isn't animation rocket science, but I though it was interesting that certain things become more clear when something is as simple as this. It's also a little more clear in the larger version (see link below) . . .

view the larger QT - here

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