Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sure I'll work on your movie. Where's my trailer?

Rich and I got some work animating a few sequences for a movie some friends are making!
The Brothers Barnes shot a documentary about Todd Snider, called "Peace Queer: The Movie" and had a few interstitial moments they wanted to fill. They called me about some animation. The schedule was basically 3 minutes in less than 2 weeks to make their deadline for the South by Southwest festival. Yikes. So after throwing up in my mouth a little bit, I said the only thing I think I could do would be something along the lines of Ilksville. I showed then what we had done and Viola! They liked the style and I whipped up some storyboards and now Rich and I are furiously making the characters, backgrounds and animating away. When it's all said and done, I'll post some stuff up. It's basically just some Ilksville-ish charicatures of the subjects of the movie that Rich drew up, with the same rigging and animation procedures and such as I've mentioned here before. The only new thing is that there are some cuts to tell the stories a bit better.

It's a lot of work (relatively) in a short amount of time, but it's fun. I love working with the Barnes. Worked with them on some jobs for IBM/Lenovo and always like their stuff. Good to be back working with them again. So never let anyone tell you blogging doesn't pay off!
I won't forget my roots when I become big and famous. I bet Rich will. . .

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