Sunday, November 23, 2008

Needful Head DVD

Rich made this up the other day. I guess that means we're making the Special Edition DVD!
It will include the Director's Cut (which, since I am the director AND the producer, will be the exact same as any other version), loads of needless commentary, a Makin'-Of Featurette that is in the makin', a read-along version of the Book with a neat-o "linky thingy" that will let you play the scene from the movie that corresponds to the scene from the book (I need to work on the marketing pitch for that particular feature. . . ) and perhaps some other things that you might like. Or not. What do I care? We're not offering refunds.
So if you're interested in acquiring a few copies of the DVD, let me know. The minimum order is 32. Cuz my economy needz stimulatin. . .
BTW, the trailer is here.

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