Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nil doodle - animated

Just playing around for a few minutes in Flash. Don't know how anyone ever used Flash or Photoshop without a Wacom pen/tablet (I did for years). Absolutely different programs when you can draw kind of properly.
Anyways, as I said, I was doodling in Flash and started playing with a character that Rich and I were discussing the other day, Nil. We were talking about his head shape and translating it to 3D and I just started drawing him (not nearly as well as Richard does). Anyhoo, the resulting test is below. It was fun to draw something again, even just for 20 minutes. BTW, it was 12 fps drawn on two layers (head, arms). Hopefully more about the real Nil project later.

click pic to play the .gif

Oh yeah, also wanted to mention that I've been reading Ken Perlin's blog and put a link on the right side (over there --->). I've worked briefly with Ken on a project and he's near about the smartest computer-y type guy out there. But he's also a really fun blog writer ("blogger", I guess) about a lot of different topics, most of which require no p.h.d. so I'm throwing it out there.

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