Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Some links I like . . .

Just some quick things that I thought were cool and worth checking out if you're interested in the kind of stuff I generally post here. . . .

Marco Giordano has been cranking out some sweet tutorials on Maya using math-y stuff. This one caught my eye:
Great stuff! He does the pole vector in essentially the same way I do, but he goes the extra mile and orients it. Which is sweet. You should check out some of his others too. I especially liked the one about using a cone to drive pose space correctives:

Charles Looker going over some math stuff, which is always cool in the context of 3D:

Danny Williams. His stuff is always nasty. Here's some artwork via Flooby Nooby:
Here's some modeling stuff. Really? Modeling like that from a 3/4 view?
His blog:

I generally don't aggregate much here (read: churn other people's stuff) mostly cuz I feel like there're enough places around that do it better, more often, etc (like Lester Banks, etc), but once in a while is okay, right?

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