Monday, March 30, 2009

Been way too long - Ilksville update, doodles, etc

It's been a while since I've posted, mostly not my Fault. We moved (only 10 blocks, but the hassle is still pretty much the same). Been working a ton. Teaching twice a week. Daughter's first birthday. Ex-cet-er-a, Ex-cet-er-a.
But I'm back and I promise to never to be gone for so long. Until such time as I need to be.
Anyways, I'll post a couple of technical things later, but just a quick catch up.

• Been playing a bit in Sketchbook Pro. Really cool program. So simple. I know Photoshop can do all kinds of crazy things and you can make your own brushes and defrost your Xmas turkey and blah blah, but all I really want is something to doodle in that can reasonably simulate pencils, rollerball pens and some markers. I love that there is almost no interface and almost no options other than transparency. Great for quick little sketches, storyboarding doodles and the like. Wouldn't do a serious image in it, but great for jotting down ideas.

• On another app note, just finished a serious 3D tracking gig and got to say PFTrack is still my favorite 3D tracker. As if you care.

• Rich and I are back on Ilksville, after much delay. Spent a day or so adding some front and back cards, cleaning up the sound and reframing the older ones and another day making a new one, "one woman show". Believe it or not, this is STILL just audio we picked up while we were hanging out. No "acting". (you'll see what I mean when you hear it). Rich and I planning to start carrying around the audio recorder more often to build up our library of stuff. There's a couple more we can work with from what we have, but the well is running dry.

You can see the bigger versions of all the revamped clips here (temporarily).

• Would love to be able to post some stuff I've worked on the last year. Maybe soon. I'll just post a pic of one of the numerous Nickelodeon things I animated for a "rebrand" effort at Freestyle. Brian Drucker has bunches of images of it here. He designed it, so I'll let him show it off. My goodness, he has a lot of cool work on his site.