Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Work doodles from June July

Been Working a lot in the past month or so. Which, of course, is good. But leaves less time for doing other stuff, like fun things for the blog, Ilksville, Psychemy, and some more tutorials for my NYU class. But I get paid (not paid like Eric B. and Rakim "Paid in Full", but paid like normal slobs like me get paid), which makes up for a lot.
Because I was doing quite a bit of rendering, I had some time to doodle. Thought I would throw some up here. These are just things on scraps of paper while I'm sitting around. . . (click any of em for larger)

roller ball pen, guess I was into sports that day
pencil, rock n roll!
pencil, shmarmy dude
pencil, one of the guys I just worked with had impossibly good posture
sketchbook pro

I'm thinking about doing some "cel" animation, but i'm not loving the way Flash is drawing. Wouldn't want to use Photoshop and exporting things are a bit of pain from Sketchbook. Maybe I'll try drawing in Corel. I hear they have some animation layers/tools. Anyone have any ideas?