Slowly but surely I'll be adding scripts here that I mention in the blog. It's a good chance for me to go back and clean some things up, so I won't do em all at once, but I'll leave the links in the individual posts active until I put the newer versions up here . . . 
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, you should rt-click and "save link-as" or something similar. I'll try to .zip them all so they don't open as a wall of text :) For now, the nomenclature to call the scripts is : import zbw_scriptName; zbw_scriptName.scriptName

Python Scripts
For browsing for and then appending directories to your python path in Maya. Also for quick viewing of existing python paths.
import zbw_appendPath
For quickly creating, viewing and editing message attributes
import zbw_messageMapper
For scaling up/down the shape node of a transform (like a control, for instance). Basically, you're scaling something without affecting the actual scale attr.
import zbw_shapeScale
Select the base of a two joint chain (just start and end joints). This will add the IK stretch setup and put everything under two locators, which you'll just attach (via constraints or whatever) to the things that drive the start and end.
import zbw_smallIKStretch as sik
Gets rid of superfluous keyframes, while keeping holds. Can keep the old buffer snapshot or create a new one for the cleaned channels. Can select a master control and clean all curves or DAG objects under it at once.
import zbw_cleanKeys
Similar to zbw_cleanKeys, except this with change tangent types either on selected or on various versions of the hierarchy.
import zbw_tangents
A bunch of quick useful things for changing colors on multiple objects (uses the shape node), un/locking, un/hiding attrs on multiple objects and on the second tab some handy connection options and info.
import zbw_attributes
For quickly dealing with audio files in your scene. List all the audio files, import or remove them, offset them and activate them in the timeline. Useful when you got lots of audio files that change a lot. 
import zbw_audioManager
Just some handy options for quickly snapping one object to another. Can snap multiple objects to one, or one to the average values of multiple objs. Options for either rotate, translate or both.
import zbw_snap
A script for blocking that allows you to move the master control to get the gross movement in place and then "pull down" that animation to any world space controls and reset the master back to zero. Basically pushes or transfers your master control animation down to any world space or IK controls. 
import zbw_animPullDown
Select a master object, then the stand-ins and it will replace each stand-in with a duplicate of the master (with or without input connections).
import zbw_dupeSwap
Basically just moves a selection of objects closer or farther (in a straight line) from the first selection based on a percentage. 
import zbw_huddle
Automates the process of offsetting a curve and lofting it, then converting that loft to a poly. Useful for extending the edge of a poly, for instance. 
import zbw_polyExtend
Simple script to set clipping planes on cameras for bigger or smaller scenes. Can do all cameras in the scene or only selected cameras.
import zbw_setClipPlanes
This is NOT a deformer node! It simply uses either the softmod deformer or a softselection of verts to create a simple rig that is easier to deal with and animate and add some quick deformation to a poly object. 
import zbw_softDeformer


  1. Some cool stuff here but not all of them are usable, for example the ones which use your module zbw_rig which isn't downloadable here

    1. Oops. Didn't realize there any dependencies like that in here. Which script was it that you found that problem? Sorry!

    2. smallIKstretch - needs zbw_rig.