Monday, September 07, 2009

Some more work doodles - vids soon

I'm actually in the process of figuring out how to get some demo videos up with good quality. My animation class is starting soon and I'm gonna put some of the stuff (or least Related stuff, hopefully animation, modeling and rigging vids) up here as videos, probably through Vimeo. Work has kept me really busy, though. I'll post some of the work stuff up here soon, too. Have bunches of it from the summer, but too lazy to pick it from my clients. Anyways, here are some more random doodles.
BTW, Richard Bailey is working on a new series over on his blog. Good stuff as always from ol' Richy.
As always, click for larger.
really no idea what this is. Maybe related to Dan Simmons' "Ilium". Liked that book. "the Terror" too.
I'm thinking about an animation about a science experiment gone wrong. These are some prelim doodles.
Been watching some physics lectures from Stanford on YouTube. I'm a nerd, this is Prof Susskind
no idea, but somebody pissed at something.

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