Monday, September 07, 2009

OMG - The Needful Head is available!

How could I have forgotten? Redoing a couple of jammy's on the site, but The Needful Head is now available on! Really shameful lack of shameful self promotion by me! Let me correct that. . . .
Here is where you can buy the DVD. It's nice. No really. There is a little making of section (mostly for my family, so they can see what I do) and you can listen to Halli's music and read the original book and there's a commentary and all kinds of other great stuff. (actually I think that's it).
You can also direct download it, too. Actually all of the options are here. If you want to purchase the institutional version (?) I strongly encourage that, too. :)
We thank you for your support . . . (Bartle's and James wine coolers anyone?)

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