Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Some free python goodness. . .

Some some of the stuff I mentioned in the last video post about using Python. There's some very cool stuff out there to check out if you have the cajones to try to pull them apart a bit. Kudos to all these guys for making awesome stuff, THEN making it available to us all for free (for the most part)!

Hamish McKenzie - Zoo tools - I've mentioned him a bunch of times. Really great stuff in terms  of tools and also on the blog.

CG Monks - Awesome toolset!

Mark Jackson - Red9 Tools - Holy moly! That's some heavy duty scripting stuff he's giving away!

Morgan Loomis

Michael Comet

Brendan Ross   -

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  1. Hi Zeth. Forgive me but I didn't know where to request this: could you do a tutorial for sticky lips? (Not controllers stuck to lips with a rivet, but the gooey stickiness when one opens their mouth.) Jason Osipa's method is outdated and produces bad/average results but modern techniques make use of wire deformers .... That would be awesome because it'll probably become a very watched video. If you Google "Maya sticky lips tutorials" you will find nothing of value on the topic. Cheers! ........ Here's hoping!