Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Creating non-renderable "implicit" spheres, cones, cubes

Not sure how I didn't know about these until recently. The names sound so passive-aggressive. . .

createNode implicitSphere -n "name";
createNode implicitBox -n "name";
createNode implicitCone -n "name";

Each of these commands basically creates a non-renderable object (sphere, cube, cone) that has a very basic shape node (no components) and a transform node. You can still go into the shape node and change color using the drawing overrides and all. Doubt I'll be using them all the time or anything, but cool to know they are there if ever you should need them. 


  1. And for a little complementary information, it is also available in the GUI :
    Create > Volume primitives.

    1. No, in this case it create fog volume and some additional nodes.

  2. Geez! These things are all over the place. It's kind of freaking me out . . .