Friday, October 07, 2011

Dealing with smoothing in your character rigs

Was literally thinking about whether to include this topic in another vid and someone emailed me and asked me about this specifically. Weird!
This video sort of quickly goes through some ways to deal with how to include various smoothing levels in your rig, from lo poly proxy geo to highly smoothed for rendering.
Here's the code I use in the video:
1) for grabbing ALL polySmoothFace nodes in the scene and connecting them to your master control in the rig scene (note you should change any appropriate names, obviously, to ones you're using):
string $smooths[] = `ls -type "polySmoothFace"`;
for ($each in $smooths){
    connectAttr master_CTRL.hiPolyLevel ($each + ".divisions");

2) for changing the smooth state of any selected master control objects (probably best to use this as a mel button on your shelf, and of course change any names/values to what you want):
string $sel[] = `ls -sl`;
for ($each in $sel){
    setAttr ($each + ".loPoly") 1;
    setAttr ($each + ".hiPolyLevel") 0;

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