Monday, August 08, 2011

Follow up on corrective shapes for Maya 2011 . . .

Sorry for the lack of posts, been pretty busy (which one can never complain about these days, though I try). Seems like this will be the M.O. generally speaking. . . Nothing for a while, then a flurry of stuff.
Well, get ready to be flurried on, cause I've got a bunch of stuff to throw up here in the next few days while I have moment :) Let's start with some follow up material:

Did a post on pose space deformation, or corrective shapes, a little while ago. Here's an update of some scripts, etc that may work for you (mileage may vary) in later versions (post 2010). I haven't had much time to play with these unfortunately, but if I come up with anything else, I'll let you know . . .

extract deltas from brave rabbit playground
This works nicely . . . but be careful about the scaling and transforms of your orig mesh. Seems like the script is having trouble recognizing at least any scale values in the bound mesh (so you'll get a tiny or big blendShape mesh as your result if there are scale values other than 1 in the orig mesh. Which there shouldn't be, but still . . .) - cvshape inverter from Chad Vernon
Watch some of this guys videos. Seriously off the hook skills. This plug in is giving me some trouble though. Seems from the comments like some people have gotten this working. Not me. Might be my stupidity re: how python stuff works, might be something to do trying it on my Mac, but while I'm seeing the plug-in, I'm not getting the script version to work, failing on "import" (tried this on a PC at my last gig but didn't have access to the plug-ins folder to install everything. But it seemed like it was trying to work than on my Mac. Hmmm). - look for "poseDeformer" towards the bottom
This seems pretty interesting and certainly has lots of options . . . check out a walkthrough of features here. Seems like it was written a while back and is just being updated for newer versions of Maya. But also seems like overkill in most instances (at least for me) and because of all the bells and whistles, seems like it may require ALL the artists on the team to have it installed (at least those that need to see the deformation at the rig level). Can't even be fussed to install this :p 

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