Friday, December 03, 2010

Setting up a "Reverse Foot" Rig

Creating a reverse foot setup is fairly simple (that's the thing that keeps the character's feet stuck to the ground and allow you bend the foot in various places). But the process can seem a bit complicated when you first see it . . . lots of moving pivots to various places, etc. So here's video to walk through how I do it. Obviously, other people have other ways of doing it, but let's see them make you a video! They'll never love you like I love you! {sniff}

Maya/Rigging: Reverse Foot Setup from zeth willie on Vimeo.


  1. So I'll be honest. I didn't actually watch your video, mostly because I know how to set up a Reverse Foot Rig.

    Though you seem like a very knowledgeable guy...Do you have any insight on making a bird foot where you have to reverse lock into more than one "ankle" joint?

    I've been trying to rig a vulture talon and...i'm very lost.

  2. Hahaha. Well, I haven't read your post because I've read some before. But I'm going to assume it's full of compliments. Thanks so much!
    Not sure what you mean by more than one ankle joint. . . Since you may not doing the RF the way I do, my advice might not make sense in any event. So . . . what do you mean by multiple ankle joints?

  3. Thanks a lot for your tutorial, it is clear and simple and has save me lots of time and headache about make a right leg rig.
    Its funny to see that all Maya beings got group soul XD

  4. Thank you for another great tutorial. Clear and entertaining too :)