Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reel redux part deux II the second and so forth

Based on some generous comments from a few friends (see below), I've recut my reel. Trimmed about a minute out of it. (of course now I have to redo the breakdown, but that'll have to wait.)
I actually knew that it was running long and had some weaker stuff in it towards the end, it's just hard to trim things down when you're rushing between all the stuff you have to do (cue the weepy music). . . I tightened some edits at the front and cut a bunch of older 2D stuff at the end. It's probably still a bit wobbly towards the end, but at least it's shorter. It's in the same place.
At some point it will be worthwhile for me to spend a proper amount of time cutting and even designing a nice reel. And redoing my site a bit. And buying some new shoes. Which will come first?
I'm finding reels are a funny thing nowadays. I don't remember the last time I sent someone (or gave out) a DVD of my reel. It's all web-fied. So I don't really think about it too much. Lots of people I know (and respect) don't even really HAVE reels! They either just link to complete works or flash a winning smile or something to get work (realistically, it's probly mostly word of mouth). As a freelance generalist, tho, cutting a reel is actually getting a bit harder, showing a full skillset. I haven't put any interactive stuff (DVD menus, etc) on my reel in ages, though for a couple of years, that was the bulk of my income. . . Definitely don't want to cut multiple reels at this point . . . So I suppose the answer is to design a better website that will allow me to compartmentalize some of that. (kind of non-plussed by that notion, too, though). Ideas are welcome . . .

I also wanted to point out that I've added two new links:
Keith Kin Yan is terrific photographer and designer (and 3d guy and so forth) out in LA. He collects sneakers and ride bicycles, too.
Mike Gallay is a talented animator with a beard who also does ridonkulous Flash work. You can acquire and use some it (for a nominal fee . . . ) here.

OK, no more posts without some artsy or techy meat . . .


  1. thx for the link. i'd still like to work with you in some capacity... non flash based.we'll work on that beer fo sho.

  2. For GOD SAKE Zeth, can you take your incredibly technical head out of your incredibly large ass and post some freakin artwork? I could have sworn the art department had signed off on the backgrounds for ILKSVILLE months ago... :)

    Just kiddin buddy. Hey, I'm around this weekend. Wanna meet up? I'll call ya.


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